Deploy Linux At Scale.

Thousands of machines across distant branches with Snoopea Pilot Manageable Desktop

Proven in enterprise environments, the Snoopea image deployment system delivers Linux OS images simultaneously to an estate of systems using minimal network bandwidth.

Authentication & Security Integrated.

Not just an afterthought – Snoopea relies on it's full integration with Active Directory or other LDAP servers to know just which systems in your estate are ready for upgrade, reload, or removal. Even better, newly reloaded systems can assume the host name of the old if required – avoid the burden of removing computer objects from your directory.

Enterprise Born and Raised.

Developed with large enterprises in mind, Snoopea can re-purpose your existing desktop hardware with a flexible and economical alternative can be spread rapidly throughout your environment. 

Upgrade your Operating System, not your Hardware.

Desktop upgrades typically require wholesale replacement of endpoints and  network updates -and after all that- deliver a new variation on a tired theme. Snoopea uses an in place upgrade to deliver a system that works with your existing hardware and network,  providing a fast, secure, reliable and proven alternative operating system: Linux.

Manage Multiple Images. Simultaneously.

We know that one size doesn't fit all  - so Snoopea can manage multiple distributions for differing use-cases, to ensure compliance to their own master image.  With built in auditing, each use case can be audited separately, allowing you to have confidence that the images deployed are the same images in active use.

Deploy What you want, When you want it.

With a number of different deployment models, Snoopea can fit your needs, infrastructure and budget. Don't have a clue about Linux? Not to worry - we've got that covered to, with custom support options and knowledge transfer to get you up and running in no time at all. Snoopea can be deployed in a number of different models:

  • Virtualised Cloud Appliance
  • Dedicated Appliance - Cloud Based
  • Local Hardware Appliance based (with optional failover option)
  • Mixture of both with end device support

Interested? Get in touch here or download the brochure from here.

Deploy Linux at Scale with Pilot