Vendor Partnerships

i-Layer have forged partnerships with the following leading vendors:

As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, IBM are our supplier of choice for servers, storage and backup technology. IBM's extensive R&D allow it to provide superior technology at competitive prices -from the small business server to the mainframe, IBM can provide a solution.

SUSE, a pioneer in open source software, delivers smarter Linux and cloud innovation that gives enterprises the control and flexibility they need to succeed. From laptop to mainframe - SUSE provide mission critical Linux that drives systems all around the world.

Free to download and with no licensing fees, Ubuntu is a great way to streamline your business operations. On top of that, it's easy to use, compatible with other systems and software, and as secure as they come.

Juniper Networks provide high performance networking solutions. From the excellent Netscreen firewalls to the top of class J-Series routers and switches, i-Layer have worked with Netscreen/Juniper for some 7 years.

The IPOffice has always led the market with its features, and i-Layer's extensive experience with this platform means we can make it work for your business. We have been beta testers of this product since it's inception in 2001: your feedback goes directly to Avaya to directly improve the product.

Kopano provides am enterprise collaboration tools suite. Kopano's open source client and server groupware is regarded by many as the only real replacement for Microsoft's tools.

Microsoft provide a range of business systems, from Desktop to Server based systems.

We have extensive experience in Windows Server (all flavours), Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365 offerings.

Novell's expertise in Windows and Linux technologies is an essential part of our strategy to enable total access to clients data, any time, anywhere.

Synology's Network attached storage offerings are ideal for the home and small business. Based on Linux storage technology, they offer a wide rand of expandable, affordable systems.

Sonicwall's extensive heritage in security appliances have made them a key player. i-Layer have over a decade of experience implementing and supporting these business critical products.

Leveraging the IBM Power8 platform, augmented with Nvidia GPUs and based on Online Analytical Processing technology, Polymatica uses the most innovative methods and technologies to boost computing and make real-time business analytics a reality.

...this is but a small sample of the vendors that we work with. Can't find your favourite? Contact Us with your requirements.

Vendor Partnerships