Welcome to the Clouds

Why Cloud Computing?

First: what is it? Cloud computing is a fancy name for essentially bigger, better infrastructure in more secure and environmentally controlled premises. It gets its name from the way it is most often drawn on diagrams: a cloud, representing multiple services provided off site.

When applied to outsourced infrastructure, cloud computing has numerous benefits:

  • Freedom from the responsibility of power, cooling and maintenance of your servers.
  • Improved reliability = Increased uptime.
  • Better Internet Access = Greater communications ability for your business.
  • Rapid Provisioning = Greater Flexibility for your business.
  • A Service Level Agreement that dictates penalties for non performance.

Taking the Cloud to a Different Level

i-Layer are experts in datacentre computing and we have been investing in our ability to provide resilient infrastructure to provide you with non-stop service. No matter if you are a startup or an established business, we have a model of cloud computing that will suit your needs. We can migrate your existing systems - or rapidly provision new - depending on your requirements.

Cloud Solutions

  • Public: Partnering with IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft and Amazon, i-Layer are authoritative in deploying commercial public cloud offerings to businesses that need burstable compute time or commodotised application delivery such as Office 365.
  • Private: As established specialists in business infrastructure and on-premises virtualisation for over 10 years i-Layer have been building and supporting scalable Private Clouds in one form or another for clients spanning an array of different markets.
  • Hybrid: The middle ground between Private and Public, a highly connected, bespoke, safe-haven for your business critical systems. In this regard i-Layer Cloud solutions represent a natural and simple progression for us to bring the key benefits of Cloud based virtualised computing to the widest possible audience.

In our experience, no two clouds are the same as every business approaches cloud for slightly different reasons and with different requirements and goals. Partnering with a solutions provider that understands all nature of Cloud is critical to ensuring your long term success.

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