Technology Craftsmen


Over the past 17 years our team has designed, moved, built and supported offices, data-centres, business infrastructures and wide area business networks for an intimidating number of companies, across multiple vertical markets, in the UK, Europe, America and the Pacific Rim.

Small businesses, hedge funds, high frequency trading operations, market data providers, consultancies, recruitment specialists and national banks have all found benefit in i-Layer's business solutions and support services.


Refreshingly open and honest, our approach to all business solution design is always appropriate, transparent and justifiable. Our solutions are built in close colaboration with the client and are designed to exceed the stated requirements wherever possible.


Over the years we have successfully designed and executed a wide array of technical projects for our clients: from office moves, expansions, contractions to technology augmentations and refreshes. We have risen to bespoke challenges and have facilitated business acquisitions, divestitures, recoveries from disaster and provision of disaster recovery solutions.