Open Business

"From legal research to biotechnology, open-business practices have emerged as a mainstream way for collaboration to happen online." the economist, Mar 16th 2006

Open is Good

The Internet runs on Open Source software: from Linux servers, open source database systems and even phone systems. Much of this software is as good as, and in many case superior to, it's commercial competition - simply because the source code is available for all to see, and if required, correct where faulty.

Even more fundamentally, Open Source software is built on global, published standards - preventing lock in by hardware or software vendors. In many cases, there is no licensing cost - you are able to deploy when and wherever you wish, and you have the option to pay for commercial support.

From Ubuntu, Firefox, Openoffice, Mediawiki to Postgres, i-Layer have significant experience with open source software - indeed, most of our business is running on it.

Many hesistate to try it - scared off, no doubt, by the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) spread by some of the mainstream software vendors. However Open Source has emerged as a legitimate development and business model in its own right.

If you used Google to find us - or are using a Mac- or an Android phone- you are already using it yourself!

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Open Source