Difficult Problems. Solved.

Armed with a wealth of experience in the analysis of business challenges and backed by carefully selected vendors and partners, i-Layer is well appointed to assist you with analysis, design and, if required, implementation of solutions to solve your business's needs.

Here's just a few of the solutions we've consulted exclusively upon and implemented for our clients over the years:

  •     Upgrades from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to 2012
  •     Infrastructure evacuation/relocation from office buildings marked for demolition
  •     New Office fit-out and technology services provision
  •     Virtualisation and portability of legacy infrastructure server estates
  •     Software product infrastructure design for Hybrid Cloud implementation
  •     Strategic Hybrid Cloud adoption for small to medium businesses
  •     TCA/TCO analysis of On-Premise -vs- Cloud-delivered IP Telephony solutions
  •     Security and inter-networking designs for businesses with linked International offices
  •     Web Site design, engineering, hosting and DNS management.
  •     Management and reporting solutions for estates of 1,000's of machines
  •     Private Cloud design analysis
  •     Structured migrations from legacy ISDN trunks to SIP-delivered telecommunications services
  •     A whole lot more...

Networking. Programming. Office automation. Custom software. Remote access. VoIP. Large scale deployments. Linux. Windows. Linux AND Windows. Support. Integration. System Architecture and Design. Cloud computing. Appliance creation.

Our consulting group has done all of these things for a large number of satisfied clientele over many years. Is it your turn? Let us help you solve your business IT problems.

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