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The Requirement

For businesses looking to replace or upgrade their telephone systems IP-based Telephony represents a significant opportunity to capitalise on the enormous savings available over legacy systems. In our experience cost comparisons between IP-based telephone solutions and existing client systems, utilising legacy communication technologies such as ISDN30 trunks, often pay for the replacement solution outright after a matter of months.

Our Approach

Two distinct IP Telephony solution types exist to meet the needs of businesses facing this opportunity: on-Premise and Cloud-delivered. Our chosen approach for over 10 years has been the provision of on-Premise solutions from market leading telephony and colaboration solution provider AVAYA.  Our approach remains on-Premise solutions from AVAYA as competitive experiences against multiple Cloud-delivered Telephony solutions demonstrates a robust TCO and performance advantage to the customer.

Our Partner

i-Layer have been a close partner of AVAYA's since before Lucent Technologies separated this business from it's core in 2000.  We have worked with and at times provided beta test services for the IP Office system series over the past 15 years: now in it's latest incarnation we find the AVAYA IP Office 500 to be by far the most flexible, versatile and cost effective system for small to medium business yet.

The Solution

Built specifically for small to medium business requirements this highly scalable system provides the "must have" communication and colaboration capabilities normally reserved for the enterprise. Available in three modular editions Essential, Preferred and Advanced, AVAYA have worked to ensure the IP Office 500 can be purchased at the right price point without sacrificing the functionality level you need: flexible licensing on demand enables the capabilities of the system to grow as the business requires.

Here at i-Layer we leverage the proven cost, control and availability advantage of IP Office 500 by combining AVAYA's mature offering with services from leading SIP and Internet communications providers.  The resulting solution provides businesses with the highest quality telephony experience and capabilities at the lowest possible TCO.

The Evidence

i-Layer have referenceable sites that demonstrate our ability to understand the cost impact of legacy or inappropriate systems, organise cost effective innovative solutions and implement them to reailise the benefit promised.

If you're looking for a replacement telephony solution or are facing the move to a shared Cloud-delivered solution dont hesitate to get in touch - contact us today to understand how we can help you.

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