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About Ubuntu

Fast, accessible, secure, easy-to-use and FREE, the Ubuntu operating software powers millions of desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world. Ubuntu Advantage refers to the support services available for the Ubuntu operating software. But more on that later...

The Ubuntu Linux OS is compatible with your existing PC files, printers, cameras, music players, netbooks and smartphones - and the best part, is that it comes with thousands of free apps.

No hidden costs, no lock-in, no license fees and no subscription costs, you can now scale your desktop infrastructure WITHOUT scaling your expense. You also don't need to spend on expensive anti-virus software, as Ubuntu is naturally free of viruses; so you can save on all the costs of maintenance associated with malware on Windows or Mac.

In short, Ubuntu is perfect for your business if -

  • You want a FREE and stable Linux OS
  • You don't want to buy Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.) separately
  • You don't want to buy costly hardware separately
  • You want an operating software that is completely free of viruses so you don't have to invest in an expensive anti-virus software
  • You don't want to bother searching the web for new software as Ubuntu brings a whole lot of software free of cost to you
  • You don't want to wait for years to get bugs fixed as you can track them down in Ubuntu
  • You want to manage your workspaces with ease and convenience
  • You want to use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Gtalk, Yahoo and many more with a single programme
  • You want upgrades to be installed automatically
  • You want 24/7, long-term support for Ubuntu

If you see a direct fit with all of the above, you might also like to learn about -

How Ubuntu will work in my current environment?

How to deploy Ubuntu easily and have full control?

And most importantly,

What support services are available for Ubuntu and where does Ubuntu Advantage fit in with my business?

Becoming a Ubuntu Advantage customer gives your business -


  • Around-the-clock coverage for Ubuntu users by Canonical's Global Support & Services team

Who is Canonical? Canonical's platform team leads the Ubuntu project and brings together the passion and genius of the open-source community. By providing custom engineering, support contracts and training, Canonical helps organisations around the world maximize their potential for reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing security with Ubuntu.

  • Phone support from an executive who has first-hand experience on how to resolve your issue
  • Online portal that lets you track the progress of submitted cases in real-time

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  • The landscape systems management and monitoring tool gives you a clear view of multiple Ubuntu installations
  • Automate updates and manage physical, virtual and cloud based systems from a single interface
  • It's easy to set up and requires no special hardware or skills to operate

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  • Ubuntu Advantage customers have exclusive access to the Canonical Knowledge database, providing you with a library of technical articles that can help you solve common issues, fast
  • It includes best-practice help on security, migration and networking

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  • The Assurance programme covers your business legally for any claims of IP infringement arising from your use of Ubuntu
  • In the event of a claim being made against you, Canonical will assume the legal defence and cover all legal costs

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'Whether you're already running Ubuntu or you're thinking of making the switch, our advice and support can help you make the most of your infrastructure.'

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